There’s always a first time

BeMe-Store - Tienda de bolsos y mochilas

We’re on the anniversary! It seems that it was yesterday that the online store Be Me was just a dream, and it has already been 1 year since we opened the doors of this dream.

There is always a first time for everything, the first kiss, your first trip, your first business and even your first salary, the first time for all the good and many “first times” for the bad.

A year full of emotions and illusions,tears and laughter, good months and others not so good. But most importantly, a year by your side, offering the Be Me collectionsonline.

Thank you

In this blog I will not go into details of how it all started, this blog will be a THANK YOU !!, a THANK YOU to everyone who is always there,those who have been since day one and those who entered throughout these months in my project. A THANK YOU to all my followers, clients, influencers, without you would not have been possible.

Everything that is lived for the first time is important, but the next thing is the impulse to achieve something better, what comes next is what makes us stronger, as we start a new path.

This year has been full of first experiences for me, and I am super excited to go for new experiences, illusions, designs, collections. I hope I can be a part of you in the future.

Thank you

So I would like to offer you something for all those first times, something simple and important, that is why, this month of MAY we offer a 15 %in the entire onlinecollection.

Just log in to my Instagram and get hold of the discount code.

You are part of MY FIRST ANNIVERSARY, Thank you, thank you very much!

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