Doesn’t it happen to you that when the month of June you want to close pending issues before starting the summer holidays?, today I got up like this, with a thousand things on my mind. June is a month of transition between spring and summer,a month to leave ready what you started…


I’m not a nervous person by nature, okay! I like to have control over my stuff and I like the order, but I think we each have our flaws😊


My mother always told me when I was little, she was the one who first throws herself in the pool and then thinks. It’s true, on the subject of work I’m a nerve for some people, but those who are as I understand me. To organize myself, first I have to explode “the bomb” in my head, a thousand things I want to do at the same time. Until I really come to my senses and realize that you can’t do everything in a day.


Everyone has a way of working and this one works for me. It seems that the more work I have the more ideas come out and the more I can enjoy putting the 100% on what I like to do. I have folders filled with ideas for summer, winter, marketing ideas, blog ideas and ideas for new photos on the web…no time to waste!

And so I start my day,sitting in front of my computer looking out the window, watching the people of Madrid get up, get ready to go to work, walk their pets and now what? another coffee!

sincerely media 2UlZpdNzn2w unsplash

Happy June to all.

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