This blog is dedicated to my paula.

Light Beige Fabric Handbag

Of course there are days when I feel stressed and without wanting anything, but nowadays I feel better than I did 10 years ago, I don’t care what others think of me or how I’m dressed. I try to do the things I like and they feel good. Maybe I’m getting older, but one thing is clear, to work well in your job you have to feel good about yourself.

As a working mother of 2 children, I tend to snuggle up with a cup of coffee or tea after a long day on the couch, with my series and with my favorite blanket (hahaha, I love these moments.).

Working in fashion should be a passion and you must keep looking for that passion every day and every moment, no matter where you are.

The Journey.

Vuelo New york
Flight Path

At a time like this, I also came across the idea of my Paulacreation. After an 8-hour flight, I land in Newark, New York, one of my favorite airports, far enough away from the Big City to take a shower at the hotel after a long flight and let me disappear into the crowd.

New York has become in recent years, more like a come homethan a vacation, but every time I come I continue to be surprised by this amazing, fashionable city, where everyone lives with their own style of clothing. From the Bronx to Soho, from Manhattan to … everything can and is possible, from elegant to modern, second-hand to retro style. Every time I come to New York, I get the feeling that I don’t know her at all and I’m surprised with something new.

One Way
One Way
Vista New York
Manhattan Views

As I wandered through this great living city, I found the peace I was looking for again that made me feel that woman who enjoys her outings, who nevertheless show her share again Sexy and beautiful,you can enjoy a good conversation on a bright day or just go out to dinner at one of the local restaurants, or look for nightlife and dance late at night.

Paula NewYork
Paula Puk Collection Bag


Paula is a creation for everyone, young and not so young, you can let Paula decide your life or complete it for you, for your nights of makeup and beauty at home, for lunch during the week or that night in the city, let Paula be a part of you and show you what you are, even leaving some mystery for later

The colors of paula are inspired by soft and quiet colors that, despite everything, still have their own personality.

Paula it has become an important concept for the woman I am now who dares to enjoy the attention, compliments and also shows her sensitive and mysterious side, who knows how to enjoy her moments of sofa and blanket, and can feel like the happiest woman in the world, after months of work and see her own finished collection.

That’s being Paula!

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