Today, in the Be Me Blog, I want to talk to you about our collections of bags, shoulder bags and backpacks and how and in whom I was inspired to create each one of them.

Most of my collections are inspired by my travels. Most of my collections are inspired by my travels. In big cities that meant a lot to me, and that I still carry in my heart a little piece of each one of them. New York, Madrid, Mallorca, Holland… I like to think that there are places where you stay and places that stay forever! But above all, the bags and backpacks at be Me Store are inspired by my life experiences that have shaped my personality. In the unconditional love I feel for my people and in the positivity, energy and strength they transmit to me every day.

Be Me Store collections; Sergio, Otje, Iker, Puk, Carlos, Amanda and Puk.

Today I want to talk to you about each of them so you can get to know them a little better. If you know them, you will know me 😉


Sergio is my strongest collection. Thanks to its handmade materials, cork and Mallorcan fabric, Sergio is designed to resist and endure over time. The blue gives it that cheerful and attractive look, which will make your walks on the beach the most stylish and fun.


The bags, backpacks and shoulder bags in this collection are characterized by their sweetness. Pink floods everything with softness and delicacy.


Amanda is first and foremost sexy. With their passionate red color, the bags, backpacks and shoulder bags have a power of seduction and a capacity of attraction that will arouse the interest of all the eyes that dare to observe.


The color of the sea. Turquoise green. Brave, adventurous, risky, strong and robust. Iker is simply irresistible. Ideal for sea and beach lovers.


Puk is my most mysterious collection. Its elegant colour combination, such as grey and turquoise blue, makes it the ideal accessory for combining with everything by day or by night.


Nothing like black to stand out and stand out gracefully. Carlos is exclusive and unique. For the most distinguished nights, nothing better than wearing the bags of this collection.

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