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Before starting, I would like to thank all the people who have been part of this dream, without them none of this would have been possible.

Now, let’s go into detail. I often receive questions from my friends and family. Everyone wants to know where the idea came from, and why now! It all started with someone very important in my life for me, who was my grandmother and who once told me;


And with these words in my mind, it all started.

I was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, daughter of a Dutch mother and Spanish father, and since I was a child I liked everything that had to do with fashion. I was always a shy girl who didn’t like being a protagonist. Growing up on the outskirts of this modern city, where I have some beautiful memories of my childhood, made me part of what I am now, until I entered adolescence and moved to Mallorca.

There I lived a large part of my life and met the beautiful and hard part of this beautiful island, but I always found that something was missing. I have a wonderful memory of my Island “as I call it”, where lovely people live whom I love very much, as well as the memories of its beaches, colors, scents, impressive nature and its parties.

Four years ago I came to Madrid, this spectacular city with its elegance, sensuality and beauty. A city that has welcomed me with its open arms and that is making me fall in love every day a little more.

“Until this year,” when on one of my trips to New York I made the decision; “I want to design my own collection” to inspire all the people in the world. Show that it is never too late to start over and through a collection that reflects the love and gratitude I feel for the cities in which I have lived.

When I got to the part of defining the name and the collections, my idea was always to create something that was inspired by who I really am. And so, one night having a coffee on my terrace, Be Me was born along with 6 collections that reflect “Who am I”.

Sexy, Mysterious, Sweet, Strong, Brave, Exclusive

“I’m Be Me”


I hope you enjoy my collections as much as I do them and that in each bag you will find a little of you inside each one of them.

Thank you for trusting me.


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