Spring Time

A few days after welcoming this spring so different, we can’t stop dreaming of the colors of spring and the radical change that occurs from one season to another. I DREAM with the flowers of Holland, the beach and the sea of my island, the exits to the terraces of Madrid.

tulipanes colores

Those who know me already know that traveling is one of my great passions. Any excuse is good to escape the routine and on one of those trips I came up with our Be Me Backpack.


I usually go a couple of times a year to Holland,where I was born and spent my childhood, I have recently have a house in ‘Brabant‘ and I love being there and cycling through its woods and breathing nature, buying my fresh produce on nearby farms and waking up with the sound of horses that are right behind my house. Being around, I get more and more realize how lucky I am. Those little escapades give me enough energy to get back to the routine of my life here in Madrid,where everything is faster and more chaotic, (but I also like it, everything has its charm), but when I’m in Holland I come back feeling the Dutch girl I stopped being a long time ago.

On one of these bike rides in Holland, I realized that we’re always carrying (or at least me!) too many things in our bags. The walk that had to be relaxing became a Odyssey: Children, Bicycle, Shopping Bag… Maybe I’m losing. my faculties of being a Dutch girl at 100 %.

¡¡¡All I was thinking right now Was!!!

I WANTED A BAG STYLE BACKPACK where you didn’t drop your keys and other things when you opened up and that will be could turn it into a carry-on bag if necessary. A practical and beautiful BACKPACK, which will demonstrate what nature is and the colors of spring, the tulips of Holland, the waves of the sea of Mallorca, something simple but beautiful.

IMG 20200312 WA0010
Foto Mochila Iker https://www.instagram.com/ibiza_fotoss/
Mochila Otje
Foto Modelo https://www.instagram.com/td_fotografia/

I think with our OTJE and IKER backpack we have achieved this, a practical and lightweight backpack that can be converted into a handbag, which has colors as beautiful as those of spring (and that is always there). For each person a favorite, no matter how you use them. For the day to day, your walks on the beach, shopping or having a coffee on a terrace with your friends. Our BEME backpack will accompany you on all your adventures.

Amsterdam bike

AND IN MINE ADVENTURE!! Ready for the next bike ride, because a DUTCH GIRL I will be forever.

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